Media Manipulators

After reading the Media Manipulation report, I found the research to be horrifying. I had no idea that all of this was going on with the media, and let alone that the media and the information that I’d been reading and receiving had been completely manipulated and made into something else that has not been entirely authentic and true “facts”.

While this report talks about a multitude of subculture groups that have manipulated the media, among them being internet trolls and alt-right groups, the one that I found to be the most interesting is in regards to the “Manosphere”. The “Manosphere” consists of certain blogs and other forums on the internet that are solely dedicated to discussing masculinity. In the “manosphere”, there is a subculture titled “Men’s Right’s Activists”, MRA for short. As written in the article, the MRA “eschew’s feminists in favor of women who adhere to traditional gender roles”. In my opinion, the most shocking information of all that I found out is how they actually manipulate the media. The MRA try to gain their recognition and popularity through spreading a wealth of information about family law, parenting, reproduction, compulsory military service, and education. What they do though, is even more shocking. These people who belong to the MRA manipulate the media by attempting to prove the validity of their information through analyses that are blown out of proportion, such as claims that “men and boys are victimized; that feminists in particular are the perpetrators of such attacks; and that misinformation, political correct- ness, and the liberal agenda are used to hide the truth from the general public”.

By doing so, they form a fan base, and therefore, like any other group especially on the media, their fame rises and they become more well-known. Therefore, the media is attracted to them and the information that we as readers receive and learn from is now being manipulated to an extent that is unfortunately pretty hard to control right now.

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